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700 Kilómetros (en inglés)

Aha yeah 700 Miles separate us
no matter how many are ...

As normal later heard our theme
You said you loved me and you left the schemes
I started to feel something strange but sincere
fooled me with your friendship was actually a love you

This I feel as nice as you
You are so special that you become my shadow on my light
I looked at your eyes shone a star
I dreamed of being the leader of my princess

And your voice I feel you in my dreams you're always ...

One day I hope you sitting in front of your voice
One day I love you, still no see
One day I look at the map and the distance from my house to yours
One day I hope nothing more influence

At all times I think How will I arrive?
In just a few days to see your face
I can not explain why I love being so far
But I feel like maybe I touch just a reflection

I can not anymore ... I need your friendship

From crebillente to Cadiz and back
I have to see Elena waiting vast ago
I know you're special I trust my instincts
Your voice makes me fly get out of this maze

When my phone sounds I'm glad I know it's Elena
When my phone rings all my sorrows are removed
As you no and you thousand moons
As you sing or cold as inland dunes ...

I love you and without you will not walk ...

Words fail when so many feelings
Missing much love kisses and caresses soon
I was about to lose and yet I suffered no see
I was with you in my dreams I woke up and I lost

It is only that I love that I let go
I'm dying and if you do not see me that will
Make friendship turned into love ( living death )
Out of nowhere and you were everything everything I wanted

And if you're not I can not breathe ...

For every day we are not together
and all that distance between us
I wish I could tell you the ear
which of you takes my soul

Just dream shine in the vast sky
To see every morning poderte
Regalarte my shine after dark
I want to be the star of your look

And your voice I feel you in my dreams you're always ...

I want to be the princess of your dreams
the only one who knows your heart into
Distacia hanging , burning like fire
Never take all this passion

I would be the dove
nestle close to your window
Know you're always by my side
and it kills me that so many miles

I can not anymore ... I need your friendship

And although only recently were friends
United by music from another song
Now I understand that this is our destiny
I tell you with my heart lyrics

Remind silent, makes me mourn
The dream of your lips and they can not be kissing
You know this is my sincere words that do not lie
I want to wake up with you every morning

I love you and without you will not walk ...

I would like a cloud I love him with my
it poured like rain on your balcony
every silence steal thousands of wishes
and make them miss the reason

If you could get your hands
Without the fear of you losing them again
If I could shake in your arms
Knowing that you will not leave again

And if you're not , I can not breathe ...

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