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La Bella y la Bestia en inglés


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La Bella y la Bestia (en inglés)

It's just a story more ..
Beauty and the Beast

She was beautiful,
fragile like a rose,
he was a beast
slave to his impulses

Only day they tied wives
were no longer children,
grew up, became adults together

All was well,
that appeared in his first honeymoon
swear to be of true life
and she to him,
a story like any other (yes)
who sees them and who saw them

But time passes
and relations are exhausted
she did not notice
that this blind
Blind love

But can not stand the monotony
no longer wanted to own one tia
or so he told his colleagues of glasses

''I go with others, but she did not notice''

Bella was blind
but it was silly,
and doubted

So many nights alone
few hours of the morning

The first time was the most painful
I'll give each rose by an infidelity
and that forgiveness will be your weakness
but what happens once
always suffers once more


This story is not eternal
I go to put an end
be stronger than that beast
I leave
I want to live
I want to live


So many more I can not cicatricez
insides hurt
bleed so much ..

There is no makeup that can clog
this is my heart bruise
I do not know how much longer I can stand
I have no more tears to mourn
the weight of these years I was twice his age
In every corner I have a bruise

Tell me that this has not happened
you tell me that the neighborhood has been forgotten
tomorrow it will all be changed
and this will be a horrible memory

I know I want my life
I know there will be no more injuries
Tomorrow will be a new day
And again we will be happy again


They begin in discussions,
it seems that he does not like,
becomes insensitive and aggressive
Bella and frighten him

Tears fell, after a push
and the first punch,
you conform with a pardon
and a simple hug

Do not want to give importance
why not want to lose
but sinet impotence
and both panic and fear

You can not believe todabia,
after so many years
Wondering''you've fallen into the bridge''

The silence did not help,
will not know what to do,
you know it was the first
and will not be the last time

Believe it you do not want more problems
but do not stay silent
if your husband beats you

Why do not you belong,
you deserve much more
That cretin have authority
you give it and it grows

Can not stop,
can not defend yourself,
you can not do more than pray to be lucky

Each day more normal
pass from love to hate,
It became habitual
another bad episode

Beast does not love you
but wants you to be hers

''If you're not mine, you will not be anyone understand!''

Bella could not more,
the beast was increasingly

When she wanted to talk
it was too late,
realized that lived alongside the poor
'Beauty and the Beast''
Prefer not to tell the end


This story is not eternal
I go to put an end
be stronger than that beast
I must leave
I want to live
I want to live


Your final pierced my soul in just a compass
silence my cries with brutality
I've become a number trizte more
Your heart was your ruin trizte

It's too late to go backwards
You'll never have another chance
sere just a bad day in the local press
But my pain will be your prison

And if I can change something now your misery
daria all that UNDERSTAND
just one second of my suffering

I hope at least my story
not remain only in memory
And betray our history,
That will never be repeated this story


This story is not eternal
I put an end (Porta!)
be stronger than that beast (Norykko!)
I want out
I want to live (Bipolar Disorder)

It is stronger than the Beast
you must leave,

(Beauty and the Beast)

Is stronger,
walk forward,
do not give up,
do not stand in silence ..

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