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I open my wings, I took off at another place, I need to go beyond,
back on the never-never land,
almost nothing fills me, the sun goes down and I stand in darkness,
voi thinking and resulting in a deep sea of doubt,
perhaps forever is but I stay far away,
I wonder is what will the other side of the mirror,
my head is a thousand paranoia in four walls,
not enter or leave a ray of light even when mild,
Tell me who you are Who am I? you do not know if you know,
consciousness are two voices in my speakers,
rap is my way of escape, my prison, my passion,
because the rap makes my heart still beating.

I think and write as a canvas in a personal diary
Why? because my form of expression is rap,
bare the soul uncovered feelings and displays,
because only when I write him feel alive
I am tired the same story every day,
life is characterized by a monotonous routine,
dear to the distance I see your silhouette disappear
is blurry as the memories of yesterday
and when it seems that almost everything you have in hand,
in the back you say that you called yesterday brothers
I'm sick and tired of everything and,
is so indifferent to me that neither is eager to mourn, to cry,
are blank pages and want to go to another chapter,
nevertheless only and must move forward without fear of ridicule aser,
I keep looking for friends heart and soul
heart, pen and paper they are my only reason.

I'm tired and fed up of so many lies and deceit I'm tired,
because the years keep passing,
sick and tired of so many scratches, I'm tired so many failures,
exhausted to climb stairs. (x2)

Slowly, if you die you are strong inside,
not want help during the crucial moments,
The smile on your face and you can not do anything,
see as more leaks, tears choking on your pillow,
no longer believe in love, that concept is not real,
time passes and you see that there is no perfect,
learn to walk carrying the pain in your back,
withered and so tired that you can not carry loads,
your eyes see what they would like to see, and so does not feel,
the heart is mistaken in a land of snakes,
seeking to try the poison apple
miss yesterday and today because tomorrow is another day,
the world is wrong and I can not aser nothing
I am sorry to invent bullshit wars,
and is that almost all the days seem the same,
so I must make special paresca,
I'm tired of so many things well,
I want to disappear, to hide among roses,
person and I'm not alone I hide my tears,
falling slowly over the ink pages,
I'm tired of life but still,
things in life are those that take you to a destination,
by a long but short,
I'm tired so I'm going to let off steam in an infinite lethargy,
and yet there are things that follow,
if I know that not everything in life is to suffer,
but now there are times when the slope is upward only,
I live in a dream the rest of my eternity.

I'm tired and fed up of so many lies and deceit I'm tired,
because the years keep passing,
sick and tired of so many scratches, I'm tired so many failures,
exhausted to climb stairs. (x2)

When there is only pain, not thinking about the pretty,
not value no longer exists pa ti infinity why?
lets you set a goal the rest of your story,
but life takes many more twists than a whore wheel,
I'm tired of following in a world that does not love me,
in a superficial world where truth hurts you,
I'm tired of seeing what we are materialists,
the own good business interest here are all,
selfishness, money, always going ahead,
first thing is you and the rest is negligible,
Do you not understand? estoi already tired of all this,
I'm tired of this world that I detest,
the rest I like to express my opinion,
I hear a voice asking me to please not leave,
So I continue nonetheless to one side against the tide,
I'm tired but resist any whatever,
I wish I lived in a dream forever
where what happened salo wish my mind,
tired laziness takes hold of this body,
where broken hearts are always feeling dead,
I will not leave this game, but not last,
is to take a couple of eggs and always look to Alanta,
there is a before, a during and an after, as you see,
but I'm tired I keep standing firm,
always faithful to my principles and ideals,
I'm sick of this life based on real events,
is the time required to manipulate the fatigue,
I can no longer live deleting calendar days.

I'm tired and fed up of so many lies and deceit I'm tired,
because the years keep passing,
sick and tired of so many scratches, I'm tired so many failures,
exhausted to climb stairs. (x2)


Harto y cansado (english lyrics)


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