Breakin´ Up Is Easy

James Griffin

Letra de la canción

Breakin'up is easy
like to know what's hard about it
first you find yourself with love then
you find yourself withou it
there's really nothing that you
have to do
it just sort of happens to you
You can be a loser
even if you don't like the part
just be very careful
no to let the habit start
cause if you're a loser
you know it's true
it shows up in everything you do
But this ain't no time for pity
time for bein' cool and witty
wish her the best and send her on her way
i do believe that's what i'm s'posed to say
it wouldn't matter anyway
Cause breakin' up is easy
specially if you don't mind cryin'
you can say it's easy
that's if you don't mind lyin'
you can live without her
but it's a lot like dyin'
breakin' up is easy to do
unless it happens to you


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