James Griffin

Letra de la canción

Every time i took into your eyes you look away
and sometimes i get the feelin' that you don't know
what to say
and you know i hate to see you feel this way
but i do believe you'll feel my love someday
It's been a while since we held each other's hand
and if i didn't know you babe i'd think you found another man
but i know you need some love to light the way
and you'll feel the joy of my sweet love someday
If i haven't shown you let me tell you
my love keeps growin' day by day
in times of need you know i'll be there right beside you
every day, every way
It's been some time since we held each other tight
and you know i long to hold you each and every night
but i know that love has got to light the way
and you'll feel the warmth of my sweet love someday


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