Canción 'Immortal Heroes' del disco 'Supreme Art of War' interpretada por Stormlord

Immortal Heroes Letra y Canción


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IMMORTAL HEROES es una canción de Stormlord del año 1999, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Supreme Art of War.


'Immortal Heroes'


Immortal Heroes crusaders of justice,
Born in the abyss brothers of steel.
Unite they're marching through fire and thunders,
Wielding with proudness the sword of the woods...

Hear their battle cry...
Hail their sacred might...

A thousands battlefields devoured by fire,
They've left behind.
When the shades of war fell upon their realm by cowardly hands,
They Were dethroned.
Now the time has come, the seeds of grief are grown up,
In silence... revive.
They return where no evil must dwell,
Immortal warriors few they're in number.
But cold and sharp are,
Their deadly bright blades.
Five fearless soldiers, one strong desire,
The annihilation of the wicked spawn.

Hear their battle cry...
Hail their sacred might...

Look at the far horizon - Riding the sunset they come.
Brave fighters ready to die - Under the sign of the sword.
The target's achieved at last - The scarlet kingdom besieged.
Axes held high in the air - Fighting with unfaded rage...

"A dawn of glory is blessing the land,
The battle is won, we hail you.
The silver shadows of this victory,
Are leading your fate to honour."

Nothing but memories lasts, far remembrance of a gruesome past,
Now dead and gone like a stormy winter night in a bright spring day.
A thundering pulse is coming from the twilight of the battle,
How many legends will rise!!!

Immortal Champions bringers of freedom,
The cruel tyrant defeated he weeps.
Century of madness are ending this day,
Lords Of The Storm your wisdom we enthrone.


Hear their battle cry...
Hail their sacred might...