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A SIGHT INWARDS es una canción de Stormlord del año 2001, este tema está incluido dentro del disco At the Gates of Utopia.


'A Sight Inwards'

A shade of terror
Right before midnight
He sent some guards to search for her
Orpheus' soul was slowly drowning
Into a pit of burning fear
His love was lost

As he discovered
Eurydice's sad fate
A twisted thought went through his mind
He sailed to north following the coast of
The Ionic Sea heading for the
Dark river Styx

Enchanting Charon Orpheus reached
Those shores full of shades
In the Reign of the damned
By his golden lyre
He brought peace for a while

With the Queen of Hades
A deal was made
A new hope for his bride

The nymph could return
Back to life again
But on the path that leads to light
Orpheus must not take a single look at her
Or she'd belong to death's Realm

When the warm rays of the morning sun
Broke the darkness of the cave
For a moment he forgot the deal
And he lost his beloved bride