Canción 'The Oath Of The Legion' del disco 'The Gorgon Cult' interpretada por Stormlord

The Oath Of The Legion Letra y Canción


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THE OATH OF THE LEGION es una canción de Stormlord del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Gorgon Cult.


'The Oath Of The Legion'

The bravest breed of Mother Earth
Of warriors hungry for revenge
To reach the victory
Or to die gallantly
Axes in hands

Under the holy curtain they
Become as one

Those who
Dared to refuse the sacred ritual:
Their lifes
Were taken by the soldiers' knives
The cowards with no pride,
In front of all the crowd
No one was spared

Sixty thousand chosen men
For war were gathered

Sixty thousand golden shields
Were held overhead
Shining bright

"Over this battlefield
'Till the last drop of blood we'll fight
gods, take our souls with you,
Hear the oath of the legion"

The legion is marching
For the honour of the Samnites

Under the holy curtain they
Become as one