Canción 'The Gordon Cult' del disco 'The Gorgon Cult' interpretada por Stormlord

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THE GORDON CULT es una canción de Stormlord del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Gorgon Cult.


'The Gordon Cult'

Beyond the northern ocean
Where the lake Tritonis is placed
There she lays since timeless ages
We hail you Medusa we are the Gorgon cult
She, somber keeper chosen by Persephone
To guard the wastelands of Hades

Not yet immortal feared by the humans
Her burning sight could turn flesh to stone
Let us drink the blood of Gorgon
Perseus' blade took her life
But the myth lived on and on
Thousand names are celebrating
The Gorgon Medusa a legend never dimmed
She, somber guardian chosen by Persephone
To keep the wastelands of death

Not yet immortal a human no more
Athena's curse sealed her doom
Once the brightest among women,
For her vanity she was punished
Condemned to suffer 'till the end 'till a schyte
Gave her peace
The sharpened iron gave her peace
Still we let her tale survive in the heart of every
Man we know that existence ends not with the
Body but with faded memories