Canción 'Nightbreed' del disco 'The Gorgon Cult' interpretada por Stormlord

Nightbreed Letra y Canción


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NIGHTBREED es una canción de Stormlord del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Gorgon Cult.



They drink your blood and suck your skin
Fathers of all sin
They pray the gods their soul to keep
The wolves who hunt the sheep
They rip your stomach off in pain
And they eat the remains

The rotten core that lies within
Their half-dimensioned brains
It's growing underground
Their bloody game to cut in two
The exported minds:
The horror
They stitch them to theirs too:
The ignorant the worst of all in human sphere
So low, so near smashing our highest splendour
Entangled deep in our minds

During the day your brain they'll find
And in the night your brain they'll grind
They feast on your capacities
And suck success down on their knees!
We'll rise from down below