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Dear friend, imaginary,
today they have done it again,
the classmates I have stuck.

And I do not understand, do not fuc*** do anything,
just call me a soft and a rare,
I love music, manga, computer
and I do not play the ball way too,
So what?
I tried it once, let alone in the playground
and all the time forced me to be goalie,
and I know you feel if you put a goal,
and friends embrace you as a winner.

Not wanting to play more is another matter,
Beaten!, For leaving half a game.

I lost the desire to integrate,
now I just want to see them as little as possible and I'm late to class,
my profs are tired, they say they changed eh
you will know, my parents have called.

Always involved when teachers asked,
and debris can pass without studying anything,
but no longer raise my hand, I'm afraid,
I fear the campion of the back and the winged
and long ago I do not go to anyone, I am not a suicide
The last time I waited ten to the output.

Dad called "problematic"
- Impotence and the pain I cancel or take a tragic cocktail.

I can not stand this pressure
- You need not stand her!

I want to end it all ...
- Well, just as soon as possible!

I hear voices within me and cry ...
- Do it !!... Come on !!...

Sorry, your parents will not understand your suffering,
from a desk sitting time will pass slower.
I if I understand, wanted to help,
I swear to end it all if you let me advise you.

Fear makes you human
do nothing, you feel like justice take you through your hands,
and is that everything starts in the hallways,
hagachada spend his head and his hands in his pockets.

You know you marginalize other children,
want to see you mourn. you live in the basement or the attic.
when the yard, and all for not being like everyone else,
what makes you unique here also makes you lonely.

And yes, teachers only make matters worse,
a chibatazo is another punch in the dorsal
and is that everything you do will only be another reason
to once again attack the target,
namely you, because it is sasean,
they laugh, but you do not it's funny,

Not that you are inferior, but that fear blinds you
and fear of the bully is feeling inferior and so you're stuck,
rajarte want veins
flee only delay the problems.

Look at you f***, you start to feel sorry
every day you have new bruises
of those little thugs,
you, you have to take a couple of balls.

I can not stand this pressure
- You need not stand her!

I want to end it all ...
- Well, just as soon as possible!

I hear voices within me and cry ...
- Do it !!... Come on !!...

Keep your ideals and do not be a coward,
do not give up, your effort has not been "in vain".
This time I know that luck is with you,
as time, there are times when force could with skill.

No good hiding, fight!,
have to be strong, listen,
the voice that talks to you after this hood.

Each group has a leader assigned
JOINING respect is complicated and you were a hit.
The solution,
is to tackle the situation.
I'm not saying that fence to be easy, so less pressure.

What would others if we were in your place?
No kidding hold out or you have to endure
have disturbed your innocence,
know what can happen to arrive when patience is exhausted.

You must do something now,
know you are tired,
Desire really do believe that endured demaciado
you, vindictive, sign, write down every name,
return them, come, show me you're a man,
I know it runs in your veins the will to reencor poisoned
that was not what they wanted, who would have thought.

I can not stand this pressure
- You need not stand her!

I want to end it all ...
- Well, just as soon as possible!

I hear voices within me and cry ...
- Do it !!... Come on !!...

I told myself a thousand times: "do not do, are good kids,"
but they pushed me into the abyss.

I got to that point of no return,
where everything that you do not care and feel anger towards your environment.
That day I arrived early to school,
and the line to get those bastards were mercilessly
remember their mouths to utter a word:
and the impact on my body of his tricks.

As usual there nobody did anything.
Some laughed, others deviated eyes.

I swallowed resigned from the ground,
I knew that that day would be all over.

Pegadme more, I will not mourn,
I have no more tears, just laughter sickly
going to die, and the last thing you shall hear,
is to the teacher writing on the blackboard with chalk.

In my backpack a jug of gasoline,
and much pain in my arteries and adrenaline.

I got bruised to the toilet,
and waited for everyone hayacen classroom and hallway clear.

While the janitor was drinking coffee,
the keys to the classrooms of his office stole,
I got mine which was in a fourth floor,
I closed a door from the outside with sigils and
suddenly opened the other and I upset the fuel ...
gave them no time to react.

I threw a match, locked them and started to walk,
I remember the screams,
irresistible symphony.

Firefighters saved some lives,
but many do not bother me again.

Professor hysterical fleeing the flames,
jumped out the window
and no longer to walk again.

time has passed,
I have not returned to school,
no home,
but this place has advantages,
not mistreat me here,
though, is all very cool
and give me pills that make me relax.

Sometimes joy imagining how
to kill a nurse,
and I have to control,
is that over time I will have to drop.

I regret I swear!
"Who are they kidding?.


Voces en mi interior (english lyrics)


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