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(feat. Raph & Bva)

Yeah, yeah
Raph Boogie, BVA, Muph & Plutonic
Please leave your shoes at the door
Respect ours and we'll respect yours

Yo Muph & Pluto, you ready?
Let's do this

[Verse 1: BVA]
It's my house, like a drop in sender
Shoes off, it's also time for dinner
We straight, DIY
Got a home with dog and a house and a room
Where we cooking up these tunes for buffoons
In bad moods too, we're wolves under full moons (rah)
I'm rapping till I break my ribs
Got you staring at eagle's tits
Cobwebs get dusted
Foul mouth, better clean them gutters
My whole cortex fills, filled with clutter
Makes me wanna smash the TV
On the best house on the worst street
Ooooh... like you heavily equipped
While I'm a be like confetti I this bitch
Hard to clean up, floorboards are caved in
Like a holiday rearranging
But the main thing is - the lines in between
It ain't no fun being the king
Unless you've got queen of your castle, c'mon

[Hook: Muph]
This is my house - your space
My freedom - her thoughts
His pressures - her dreams
Our lessons
This is my house - your space
My freedom - her thoughts
His pressures - her dreams
Our lessons
Please leave the shoes at the door
Respect mine and I'll respect yours

[Verse 2: Raph Boogie]
Let's go
You step, and piss and shit
And come round talking like "Let me in"
I might call you next of kin
No don't let them near with that pissed off grin
You see I got no time
To hear you whinge then press rewind
And I can deal with the indifferent moves
But not all this drama that comes from the booze
So sit on the patio
And think to yourself "Man, how I'm gonna let it go? "
Scratch your head a little, think out loud
Hell, delve deep like you're way too proud
Cause you've got a mountain to move
And you don't seem to drink from the Fountain of Youth
Life is hard going, don't leave your door open
Unless you're more hoping, to keep the breeze blowing
I polish the floorboards and concrete
With a mental lack of that you can't beat
It's that stay on track
Don't knock on my door before I call ya back


[Verse 3: Muph]
Huh, welcome to my humble homely headspace
Please leave your shoes at the door with your dead weight
Blueprint projecting a typical male's template
Breathe, we let the wind's breeze ventilate
And penetrate the hallway, we let the music resonate like all day
Emulate a court case to house rules, they're my forte
Shorn, shaved closely, never conform to the ghostly sounds
Of the souls and the spirits that walk this town
Run round to round the garden path
Float from the lounge to the harbour's rather large bath
And after we find the pasture
Where the grass is greener we can hang from the rafters
Multiple mirrors bring the laughter
The deckchairs and carpet and crafted
Obvious the fact there's no chance of departure
And I rather you start to leave
The dog turd on the mat, while you follow the lead
If it's do not disturb - respect that
If it's do not disturb leave a message and I'll get back

[Hook: minus last two lines]


Muph & Plutonic



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