Muph & Plutonic

Letra de la canción

"Take a bit of sophistication, add a dash of suppressed anger,
And mix it all with just the right amount fu-fu-funk. Smell good? You bet"

You can all burn in hell
Burn baby, burn in hell

[Verse 1:]
I see these species leak these needy habits
With their weak knees, seedy, greasy ladders
Can't quite climb, freezing the seize in the status
No reason when they're reading the passage
What matters gets no practice
Stop the chatterbox, let go with a panic
They're so dramatic with their outcry
Their downtime crossing way over the foul line
Our time is right now, despite that rise in your eyebrow
Lights out, pitch black, to sit back, chit chat - no Time Out
Kit Kat, we live that, bring back the wide mouth
Torture for the truth, the author cornered in the booth
Could have sworn you forced a few - rawkus views
On the bystanders but it's seeming even they're bored of you
You're talking to the boiling blood, you're just a sub par mud-bath flow
Run hard till your lungs part one star quotes
Speech bubble pops to the mirage of fast cars
Choke on the breathing while dreaming this evening
Your muddling mind provides a glide to these Chinese whispers
And windy rivers, teach on a cold chill
Just biting the business, of the finest scriptures
I'm inviting a distance to put you in the final position
Your vinyl is skipping like a little girl with braids
We ain't even close to the same page
Your brainwave bumps to the sound and gossips
I suppose you've found the bottom
Where the rocks and sticks lay
I spent lunchtime sitting in the sickbay
Switchblade craving the skin, embracing the sin
Feel my patience decaying so thin
And we all reach a point where the mind caves in
When the mind caves in

[Hook: x2]
And I'm sick of this, I'm tired mate
I've had enough of you and your ugly face
You want to see me break, I want to watch you leave
Trust, such a waste, give me space to breathe

[Q-Tip:] "I put a match to the dilapidated side of rap"
[Bias B:] "You getting burnt"

[Verse 2:]
Etched in cave walls, characters arranged wars
Stay drawn towards, you get what you pay for
Lay law, make your, dŽcor melt from the burning words served up cold
With an icepack eye patch, on the verge of losing control
When my high-hat mind snaps, no purpose of abusing the soul
You can't bite back, defy that urge to pollute the pole
With those anticlimax dry raps, we're in tune with the role
Of the Venus flytrap bite back, the Imax picked up, turfed against a brick wall
Beginning of the pitfall, it calls no connection
Pinball bouncing a million directions
Nerve endings tensing, sending twitches
Third revenge, tempting, accepting resistance
These pistons run till the engine seizes
Steaming in it's red eyes and seizures
To beat this weakness to a pulp
And feed this scenic insult behind the back, leeches keep it false
Find the facts repeated till the truth receives a pulse
Run - bolt for the hills
I'll catapult my thoughts towards where you chill
You're still just run of the mill
Hunted and killed for the thrill of the chase
Bullies get maimed, aimed at, punched in the face
Take that sinister smile - lock it in your briefcase
Your cheap hate ain't worth a dime
Keep yapping while I work on mine
Yelling in the mic ain't tight
Sounds like you're throwing a tanty in the booth
Trynna maintain fantasies of your youth
Truth is I ain't the first of my kind
So I'm a light a match and spit turpentine

[Hook x2]

"Good shot.
Ok he's dead, let's go get him, that's another one for the fire"

Letra añadida por: Tiezok (#460)

Muph & Plutonic
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