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[Verse 1:]
They say you can't turn a country girl into a city slicker
But I've been thinking lately, what if you give her
High heels, mini skirt and some pink nickers
Nah, probably only end up with a pretty picture
That right there is somebody's skinny sister
That right there might be a shitty scripture
But we fight fair, get it to an innocent listener
It's the day of break away from the limited fixture
Brand new mixture, spice of life, variety, right in the transistor
Keep telling myself this is top-shelf and it's off the Richter
And if the, country girl never made it past the Mirror River
Would her life really differ? I that's quite clear
It's like trynna switch up from heavy to light beer
Right here, is a creature of habit
But every once in a while, I'll be reaching for the static cause...

Even though I feel ordinary
I'm a walk towards the city lights calling me
And get the f*** out my comfort zone

[Verse 2:]
Trynna break the mould, we live with limits but
Yeah, nah, gotta get the lyrics finished but
Yeah, nah, I'm gonna get to live it up
There's some dope rappers, just most of 'em suck but
Stuck in your routine, same old patterns on the loose leaf
We've got new needs, beyond you and your elusive dreams
The music, we use it for more than amusement and so it seems
You can't teach old dogs new tricks, prove it
My girl said get off your ass and get to doing
Consumed in the fix of verses with minimal purpose
The wordsmith surges when ideas emerge
Which furnish the comfy couch, every now and then the hermit
Has gotta get up and about, running your mouth and dumbing it down
And when their new LP is coming around
It's something that sounds the same as the last
Better building a future than living in the past

[Hook: x2]
Even though I feel ordinary
I'm a walk towards the city lights calling me
And get the f*** out my comfort zone
Get the f*** out my comfort zone

[Verse 3:]
You know the type that stay with each other
Because they only seem to know each other
And not as if they don't care about each other
But they're held back, chained to each other
Afraid to discover another way of life
Been together since forever like me and the mic
Very rarely does he ever feed on her thighs
Even though she knows he's been treating her right
She's a little unsure if he got what she's needing tonight
But they're keeping the left, right, forward steps
Greeting the vibe of drag your feet in the dirt like it's work to walk
Mumbling words like it hurts to talk
Troubles and concerns of the warped ways they eat each other's sentences
Previous connections turned into long lost friendships
Now there's a desperate divide
If they were to ever sever the ties instead of getting it right
They'd maintain the path of just getting by
And letting it slide

[Hook: X2]
Even though I feel ordinary
I'm a walk towards the city lights calling me
And get the f*** out my comfort zone
Get the f*** out my comfort zone

Muph & Plutonic



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