Third Day

Letra de la canción

Each and every single day
I was throwing life away with questions
Searching for a better way
Always looking in the wrong direction

My heart i could noy trust
´Cause it lies to me too much
And my mind just couldn´t
Understand it all

How i could I have been
so blind not see you
The more that I look the more I find
You´ve led me to the truth
That I am nothing if I´m without you
You opened my eyes and helped me to find
How could I have been so blind

I have fallen once again
Evidently made the wrong decision
Stumbling in the dark
Now I need you here to be my vision

My heart I cannot trust
´Cause it lies to me too much
And my mind just cannot
Understand it all

You took my heart and you changed it
With you words of life
You took my eyes and you opened them
And have me sight

Letra añadida por: madLene**

Third Day
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