Charlemagne del álbum 'My Own Way to Rock'


Burton Cummings

La canción 'Charlemagne' se estrenó en 1977. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco My Own Way to Rock


She got a red dress
Kicking up pretty heels
She's playing the money games
Givin' us men a thrill

Spending nights in Sin City
Wearing all the upper class women down
She cannot or she could not
Change her name to Jezebel
Well, never once did she try
No, no, no, she couldn't
Change her name to Jezebel

I got an army then I gave them spears
But then I seize the power
And I went around for a hundred years
I was doin' alright

Taking what I need and what I wanted to
I did not and I could not
Change my name to Charlemagne
Well, never once did I try
But no, no, no, I couldn't
Change my name to Charlemagne

Sailing up pass stupid Earth
Venus in my skies
Well, then I'm heading back for the water
It's coming as no surprise and am I doing alright

They even won't check my fingerprints
But I was not and I never could be
Never couldn't be no astronaut
But never once did I try
No, no, no, no
I'll never be no astronaut

And I did not or I could not
Change my name to Charlemagne
No, Charlemagne, yeah, yeah, yeah

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