Letra de la canción

The longing in me

tried - tried again
I am silent - numb - and astonished
And a little - just a little inspired
I float over the placid lake
Can almost feel the fresh wetness
Caressing my feet
You are exquisite
That you can create such things
And look - I am no longer bleeding
Weightless nonetheless
My eyes rest upon you
And I feel a touch of tranquillity

And so you move on and the picture fades
Everything dissolves
Nothing is left

Only the silence remains
And the stillnes becomes frightening
Lethargy and loneliness are their accompaniment
And I curl into myself
And the storm approaches
Whipping up the waves

Could I but rise
And look once again at you
And were I able to speak -I would say:
You are here - now everything is good
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: everythinginpain

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