Letra de la canción

Cadierno offer you fame, Farda
fuc*** with that voice you can never beat me in anything
genioh teach you to drive some
talk about my groupis because you do not have any
and this is directed only fake pal
ciniko pave the audience with anabolicantes
acosta not respect my culture name
Latin catalan? Your regueton is pure shit
g black or not you want me sweat Cuba
your rap is crap that up in your house you rebuke him
collaborative colleagues ranging from sticks
if you know your girlfriend was because of me, remember?
they get me for no apparent reason
Ra-faelho veil soon find
Feck bye fag in your fuc*** place, eh?
Minimum issue 1, 2, 3, Muerete
the family is the biggest scum rap
going to hit me? you know where I can find
boby pro I'm afraid cres
lp you get, if you cd is an album of farts
flip with my flow, come to my show
boby pro-blemon the complex have is fat joe
soys some shit
valence aloy're missing the essence
do not use awareness
I make an appearance when you shut
seek my weak point is always useless Fayan
versatile and let us learn to rap in critikar
Caya, you're the least you can talk
shows, he argues, and feels
if you can not say no to you invent
kapo only know how to say posh, hang your theme on youtube
Zatu stop imitating you only have one fan and you're your
and sadly do not lift imitate
buskate style, man but that is not nobody
If you think you are you can me how to cop a bitch
to each one more idiot
sante your topic is the most evil of all
poet? but who the hell gets that nickname
and make tracks against me because now it is fashionable
insult against their colleagues but hear me alone

Against all against me nobody is going to save
against all come against me superadme
to be released .. need names
date the hint is for you
for anyone to make themes often misunderstood against my

Playing with words
I go to the tempo-sector peto orally in the act
I look hache factor that will have you cowering flat
take care and do not fit into cd but sites like eggs pete
play without fear I am the most of your ego wet dream
and make me gargling arcades dann
my mind is macabre and end badly, it makes me cool chain
words but I am an asshole-free cola drink rum without condoms Foyo
and this evil will see but I have this gift and play with the single ground con-
soler dream to f*** and to be the mc that inadvertently
begins to adespuntar no more silent clown and it's time
follaros now I fail for not being in top form
I'm not a junk yard funky rap I do the Yankees mola
frik'm a fan of Homer flanders stewiee. peter grifin
I am an eternal for me to jump the fuc*** utero tuto but take care me, give me a checkmate taker do you use latex mattress clean with escotex me to note that this puts you scrawl
bend it like bender come see? and is not for sale
shy to Timmy to die and are reborn keny
I am the holder and delivery of your teacher with a couple of sentences break
Dream big and you're deaf Don compose rap
I come from a biting mordor orc like you no simplitud
take a tour of north-south as I am strong bu monstre
boom boom clap
in its pure rap this pa-ra-do vary
I am the crack trapping and attacking with strakes tetris rap
I am the nemesis you say the enraptured for MC

Letra añadida por: trueno1998 (#17.718)


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