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Tell me where, tell me mate
where did you get those sweet bum cakes?
Did a baker make them fine?
moulding them out just in time?
Bum cakes, bum cakes, they are so sweet
cum bakes, cum bakes, don't tell mrs leat.
Hahaha (laughter in background)
Bum cakes, bum cakes i want to know
where did you get you bum cakes so
And in the night, when the owl flies
who knows where i lie?
In my bed, but not alone
the thought of you i do behold
And all of a sudden, into my dreams
booms the memory of the men we have loved
theres alan and alan and tyler and brian
justin and criag and little old ryan (?)
Ian and nighy and qt
why oh why oh why?
Mr cullum also was one of them,
but forget that...
i was drunk
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaaa (in background)