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Pack up and leave
but don't forget to feed the fish
you don't want them to die do you?
no not the fish, don't let them die
because they'll rot
and then there'll be a nasty smell
Don't you want to feed the fish?
do you want to see them die
fish killer!
fish killer!
I went away for two weeks
i come back and my fish are dead
all i asked you to do was feed the fuc*** fish
it's not like it's a cat or dog
or fuc*** lizard
just the fish
My pretty pretty fish
my lovely orange fish
i loved my fish
you let him die
i hate you so
you maaaaade me cry
You are a fuc*** fish killer and i hate you so
i hate you so
you fish killer
i hate you so
you are a murderer
i hope you burn in hell
You killed ny fish
now burn in hell