Sparks ash
For my own veins
Something more than a whisper
A sudden movement of my heart
I know that I have watched them go
Just bear that day
Give up your way, you can be anything
Drop of my way and lose me
Not today
You blame others for load
Crocked in the sun
You dare say that I love
But you offend - you me and scream
What I wanted to die
Baby you know
You know I never hurt you like that
You're just too pretty in your pain
Drop of my way
I could be anything
I will make my own way
Without your hatred
So run, run, run
And hate me if you think that good
I can not hear your cries more
You lied - me but I now mature
I will not pay for it and my
Claiming my answer
Do not call it knocked down the door
I found my exit
And you never gonna hurt me again


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