Ordinary Girl de Hannah Montana Forever

Ordinary Girl Letra

Hannah Montana Forever


'Ordinary Girl'

Uhoo Oh Yeah
La a dada

Don't get me wrong, i love who i'am
i don't wanna be ungrateful it problably
sounds strage,
i love the rol i play, the songs i sing
but with all the fame the things that seem
so simple, suddenly, so far out of reach.
wish that they could see that underneath

[ choir/coro ]
I'm just an ordinary Girl, sometimes i'm lazy
i get bored, i get scared, i feel ignored
i feel happy, i get silly. I Choke on my
one words,
i make wishes, i have dreems. and i sitll one to belive
anything can happen in this world
for an ordinary Girl (like you, like me)
for an ordinary girl (like you, like me)

How are you? Hello, goodbye
one day here, one day there and again its time to go
Miss popular always on the roll
but my best foot foward gotta get on
with the show
strike a pose for the front cover of a magazine.
evrywhere y get high fives
they paint me larger than life


[ choir/coro ]

so give it everything or nothing at all
get back on you feet when you stumble and fall
a little luck can go a long way
so dont you worry about people say
who knows where the wind
maybe blowww


[ choir/coro ]

for an ordinary girl
like me like you (mm..)

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