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WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HEART es una canción de Eagles del año 2007, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Long Road Out Of Eden .


'What Do I Do With My Heart'

You don't have to say a word
I can see it in your eyes
I know what you wanna say
It's so hard to say goodbye

I can hold back my tears and try to be strong
While our love is falling apart
I know what I'll say if you walk away
But what do I do, what do I do with my heart

I'm not gonna say a word
I know I can't change your mind
You know where you need to go
I know I'll be left behind

I won't hold you back, I won't stand in your way
If you need to make a new start
But I still wanna know, when my arms let you go
What do I do, what do I do with my heart

Oh, girl, don't you remember, it was not so long ago
We were making plans for two, just me and you
Now you tell me that you've found somebody
Someone who loves you better
No-one could ever love you the way I do

Tell me you're not leaving now (tell me you're not
Tell me that you're gonna stay (please say you'll stay
with me, baby)
Tell me that you love me still (say you love me still)
For this and this alone I pray (fall down on my knees
and pray)

I'll do anything (yes, I would)
To save what we have (to keep you by my side)
I'll love you til death do us part, oh
But what do I do (what do I do)
When I'm still missing you
What do I do, what do I do with my heart

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