Noisy Waves

Letra de la canción

Desert Lands, I don't see the end
It's strange all around me
I can't find the way
Now I think that I'm lost

I can't do nothing now
I will travel to the next town
That place must be near
There is something in the distance

I have to accelerate
If I want to find the way

Feeling The Highway
Touring the endless miles
Going between the mountains
And seeing the blue sky

I look to the horizon
I'll go far away
I feel the freedom
All these days

Summer heat, I can't resist more
I just need fresh air
I can not breathe
Is very difficult this way

The hope of arrive there
Makes me go anywhere
I am far from home
No matter, I'm free

I won't waste time
And will enjoy the ride
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Dabewlor

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