Noisy Waves

Letra de la canción

No matter all the pain
we have suffered at this time, no, no
Better days will come
you will see, yes, I Know

We’ll Make a new life
and start again, without hate
Erasin’ the bad feelings
that are inside us

Life goes on
And we must eliminate
All the fears in our minds

The world is full
of good things
forget all the bad

Live sadly
Isn’t the best
is wasted time

Life is short,
oh, my dear friend
enjoy it the most

Perhaps you feel sad
but life isn't over, no, no
lot of good times
and many people to know, oh, yeah

try to enjoy the moment
and forget the past, yes
not be obsessed with the future
and be happy now, oh

Letra añadida por: Dabewlor

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