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I thought I told you before
I guess you'll never listen
so I pontificate more
You don't know what you're missing
My only friend is a ghost
and when I want it to appear
I do what he wanted most
and scream into the mirror

Save me from the creature that I've become
Don't think that I can
Save me
Undo all the damage he's done

When he comes around
I find the devil is right
I think that what you say is wrong
I do my business at night
when inhibitions are gone
I see what onlookers don't
I know exactly what you do
and escape me you won't
cause I am coming for you


When he comes around you can feel the power
go hourly towering over
how does it feel
when you give up your crown
to satisfy this friend you've found


When he comes around there's a possibility
that this ability comes from what he is hiding
I can't approach him
He might discover
what's inside


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