Letra de la canción

What have you done to me
The sky is falling down
It's an emergency that no one cares about
I've an addiction
Why won't it just go away

Execute myself and hear the laughter
What have you done to me
Is there a higher power
that gets a sensation during the darkest hour
I swear I loved you
Now I just suck all the pain
deep in the underground never above you

Give me more of what I've been feeding for
and I'll crawl back to the shadows again
Under the impression that it just takes one more session
to experience ecstasy
and then maybe I will see in the end

What have you done to me
the church is swaying so
better ask yourself what you are praying for
Is it redemption or just a selfish refrain?
Your number's taken down until the rapture

(chorus x2)

Letra añadida por: carito 007

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