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Sunz Of Man
Sunz Of Man
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Featuring beretta 9

[hell razah]
Yo you couldn't see my with a telescope
Words to cancer smoke your antidote
Give me the remote turn them off
I'll let my album melt your ass to a ?starts? crusifiction
Camouflaged for the mission use your third eye
To see the israelite detect those who tell lies
I see you magnified i blend with the sun rise
Burn your enterprise today husbands and wives
Become bonnie and clyde, carry 4-5's in these last days
In time, same shit inside or outside
Tales of the darkside, we still among minds
Keep the strong in the jail cells, the countdown for hell
Use the truth or you bail, let my words be the brail
For the blind who can't see us, like black jesus
Seizers, try to seize us, we spot them like cheaters
And turn them into believers

[beretta 9]
Yo, i was born to survive, a soldier and i strive
With a duty to civilize these 85's
See man streets is a wiseman, an original black man
With a plan to run these devil's off my motherfuc*** land
Unless you were close, when i strained the operation
Yo, check the first to tool, when i guide to guard your nation
For this military attack, to and l's draw back
Beretta take the point on the sunz of man war track
I burn them like trick-alls, while weak brothers went awol
This new born god, and i'ma hold my life so hard
These fool keep their intentions, i destory your intentions
For instence, we talkin this shit with no resistence

[chorus x4: prodigal sunn]
The gods stay camouflaged

[prodigal sunn]
Yo, remember, i think it was september or november
A cold winter, i heard you got bagged and murdered
Informed by my nigga glock, the observer
He told me, all about the fuc*** up
Remember for a minute, shouldn't understand
Then again, i understood good
Shit is rough in the hood
Before i knew, i was a sun of man
Kept a gun in hand, stalkin the land
Back and forth to the island
If it wasn't for the knowledge it self
I would of been seen dead
Ashes in the base sittin on the shelf
As the years went, became intelligent to the nonsense
Than instead of livin like a sandwich, i can vanish

[chorus x4]

[various talk to fade]


Sunz Of Man

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