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For The Lust Of Money/the Grandz

Sunz Of Man


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Fuck that
We?re supposed to be into this together man
You know I'm fuckin? can't be layin? on me man
Yo I just gave you twenty dollars man
What the fuck I just hit you off yesterday wit seventy cent man
Aight I hit you off mofuckin? thirty minutes ago
You ain't seen the other shit that that happened and shit
That you was already connected
Yo fuck that man I'm tired of hittin? you off man word up
You know what I'm sayin? You got a idea to get some grands? Huh?
So stop fuckin? askin? me for money man - word up
You can sell some grams
Grands man I said grands man
You got some grams mo?fucka I?ll sell you some grams
Man just fuck all that man I ain't livin? like that man
I got grams of knowledge what you got man?
Come on I'm tryin? to get money man the positive way
Fuck all that negative shit
Man listen man you gotta get the grand grandz nigga
Who got money for the takin??

Who got money for the takin?
What?? Sunz of Man
You know what I'm sayin??
Four of us, about to just spit on this track
True master shit
Word up
Ya?ll niggaz move back
Sunz get this money this year

Chorus: Sunz of Man 2X

This be the Sunz of Man jam
Catch it if you can can
Blast this in your house, jail cell, or your Lex land
We got the Benjaminz now we got to see some grand grandz, grand grandz!
Yo Sunz of Man

60 Second Assassin:

Yo check how we charge card manag' a 'trois
All on his repertoire fifty-two block
Avoidin? hisself from gettin? shot
Skill a kill any deliver
Matinee track prostitution whole money go get her
Collaborate real rap
From overseas track
Jury cars, heaterz, dime plane tickets
Passports, charge cards, and visas
Shareholders and stock brokers
Sex pleasers, play ya older
Stop short, oh no you ain't know Sunz sees ya
Under and over, walk soft we tap ass
don't talk Sunz be about this made cash
Flip ass certified endorsement
Bobblin? for the playahaters
Loan sharkers and money faders
Non-believers from New York to Massapequa
Hondura to Peurto Rock to Puerto Rica
To gray Caesar?s , come greet ya
Risked on this blood clot leaker
The hasta la vista

This be the Sunz of Man (Sunz of Man) What

Chorus: 2X

Prodigal Sunn:

Check the world premiere
I'm loud and clear in ya atmosphere
From Philly to Cali, Crooklyn we show no fear
This be that deep knocker shit
DJ?s keep rockin? it
ain't no stoppin? it
Yo my topic is logic
You may say toxic
But I rain rain from the grain grain
Sustain maintain my name name
In this rap game, I'm out to stack cream like Russel Simmons
I love my black women from Erykah Badu to Robyn Givens
How you livin??
This crack I'm feelin?
It?s blood spillin?
Wildin? in ya crib and four wheelin? a thug villain
Fuck the world dealin?
Fuck the drug dealin?
Fuck the drug dealin?

Hell Razah:

So we can teach our people what's right from what's wrong
If you miss that bring it back Brooklyn?s my home
Sunz of Man jam now kings of the throne
When you see me salute me
I'm where the loot be
Dollar bills be my groupies
Some kill for jewelry
Black businessmen move interestin?
Too quick to see us sentenced in
This criminal court
My money talk keep my lawyer listenin?
Gold cheddar lyin? glitterin?
Brooklyn citizen
Women smelling like cinnamon
The street theme song
Lose your life if you scheme wrong
They wait for you to get your drink on
And put your link on
If clubs was the jungles we the hyenas
Mindreaders 1999 leaders
Who watch what they feed us
Cash in my corporation, infiltration
From genesis to revelations
Same nation no lyin? my team slam like Kobe Bryant
Young lions strappin? through New York holdin? irons
Smoke weed, a twenty sack through tracks
See our money back this year?s apocalypse
ain't no time for your funny raps
Medina to L.A.
To Marina del Rae
Never do what Simon say
Stay original
Israel break the spell
Records sellin? clientel
Next world Mexico Roswell
Free the jail cells

Chorus: 6X

This be the Sunz of Man jam

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