Disco 'Likwidation' (1997) al que pertenece la canción 'Captain Hook'

Captain Hook

Tha Alkaholiks


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Verse One: Tash

I knew this nigga by the name of Captain Hook

Who had a record deal but no lyrics in his book

But everywhere you looked he had a poster for his single

The one he bit the oldie track and stole the oldie jingle

jangle, but I be comin from a different angle

Cause I want that pot of gold below the hardcore rainbow

But name your price and you'd be down to sell your moms

I'm on a different level while the Devil grease your palms

Sign your life away in ink, cause you think you got the talents

But look at Hook's bank account and zero is the balance

I repeat, ze-ro, peo-ple

Cause he be worried bout his hook so he could get a spin from [------]

[-----] but Rico, blow them type niggaz through the rooftop

Cause [------] only plays you if you R&B or Tupac

So one single later, he fallin out the game

But before that nigga left, he left us his name

Chorus: Tash

Captain Hook, Captain, Captain, Captain Hook

\"spend a little time witcha rhymes\"

(repeat 2X)

Drink drink, we drunk, we drunk, drunk

Drink drink we drunk, we drunk drunk

(repeat 2X)

Verse Two: Tash

And for your info, I can set it off to any tempo

And have you niggaz puzzled while I make it look so simple

Cause deep inside my mental I got stacks of lyrics hidden

That's why I get the props that Captain Hooks don't be gettin

Plus they be counterfeitin, styles straight scandals

Spendin too much time tryin to party off the handle

I bust to Orlando, tryin to better what I got (why)

Cause I'm Tash the likwifyer here to take somebody's spot

But not that nigga named Captain Hooks

Cause he's the type of rapper, that's always worried bout his looks

But overnight success don't impress the West that's freshest

He need to take his cheese and invest in rappin lessons

Or catch one for free right here on me

Or catch me late Friday night on 92.3

And after lesson three, if his style still stank

I'ma tie his ass up and make him walk the plank


Verse Three: J-Ro

I was in my Likwid cruise ship, just sailin the seas

When Captain Hook came and stole my steez

Oh Hook, caught a left hook, for stealin my hook

In no time he stole a rhyme out my notebook

I'm the the Pacific Ocean, floatin

Chasin his broken ass out to Oakland

But WhoRidas said he came and stole they name

And he got E-40's briefcase full of game

So I, set myself back on the Ro's quest

With the Farrahey brew up in the crow's nest

He could see L.A., there was trouble you see

Oh shit, he just stole a flow from WC

Now he's throwin up the dub I gotta catch the fuckin scrub

He'll go down like a sub cause I'ma cut him like a shrub

He wants pub, yeah, he's all on Blass

He moved real fast on Snoop and Ras Kass

Chorus (J-Ro instead of Tash in the first half)

Verse Four: J-Ro

Now I'm Atlanta, and his trail is hotter than a sausage

I'm too late, he took OutKast out to hockey

I wonder could he squab with the Goodie MoB

I think he got the best of me, just how many would he rob

I floated out to Queens but it seems I just missed him

They said he robbed Cool J for his boomin system

He went to Shaolin and stole Method Man's bio

and he buried everything somewhere in Ohio

Bone Thugs saw him, at the Crossroad

with a empty treasure chest that he was tryin to load

He was last seen sailin, into the distance

We gotta catch this crook and we need your assistance

Yeah, if you happen to see this punk scallywag out there

Don't try to aprehend him, just call Tha Liks

And if you suddenly got some rhymes missin, you know who did it

Captain Hook, yeah we gon catch his ass

Baten down the motherfuckin hatches

We gonna feed his ass to the gators

But first we gonna

Chorus: second half

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