Disco 'Likwidation' (1997) al que pertenece la canción 'Feel The Real'

Feel The Real

Tha Alkaholiks


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Intro: Tash

Yo... who we got? Check it out, aiyyo

Aiyyo, givin the women somethin they can feel, who we got?

We got, we got, we got, we got, we got Tha Liks

\"If y'all niggaz can't feel me, then y'all niggaz ain't real\"

Ahh-haha, I see the whole Likwid crew is up in this motherfucker

Posted gettin toasted

I know them niggaz don't dig this shit with these women out here

But yo check it out we can't make every song hardcore (can you feel


But we definitely ain't gonna make no soft shit

\"If y'all niggaz can't feel me, then y'all niggaz ain't real\"

So feel the real

Verse One: Tash

Feel the realness of the brother that leaves the women wide

With rough words of pleasure that they boyfriend can't provide

Cause while they niggaz think they slick, fuckin down low tricks

I got the finest hoes in Cali fightin over this dick

But I'ma single nigga lust, so nobody gets hurt-ed

No one is alerted cause they heard that I flirt-ed

Unlike these niggaz that you claimin is your only

that be in the wind at night while you watchin TV lonely

But phony shit is what relationships bring

That's why you lookin at my fingers but you see no rings

Just a fist full of digits and a forty ounce of Miller

Cause the last girl I had that bitch made me want to kill her

On that shit, tryin to sniff my clothes

Swearin up and down I was out coolin with hoes

But yo Rico knows, what it means to be committed

And when I claim you as my \"beyatch\" I go all the way with it

And that's the real

And that's the real (tell me can you feel this)

\"If y'all niggaz can't feel me, then y'all niggaz ain't real\"

So all the ladies in the place can know, that's the real (can you feel


Uh, that's the real (ah one two)

\"If y'all niggaz can't feel me, then y'all niggaz ain't real\"

Verse Two: J-Ro

I thought she was the one for me, only for my eyes to see

Sometimes I let her cry but she's a lady

But most of the time I kept that bitch happy

Kept her toenails painted and her hair from gettin nappy

It was a rainy cold weathery winter

I met this broad at the Beverly Center

I stepped to the hottie with the body, nuttin to it

I said 'I like the Nike's baby, can we Just Do It?

What would it cost to be J-Ro apostrophe S, yes yes damn you blessed

with fat ass with no ripples, tools big like ?hipple?

It's Tha Liks six baby baby on them nipples'

She just smiled and said 'Ooh you need to quit it'

(Damn bro, all we want to know is did you get it) What?

Shit, I hit it, from all the angles

Swingin my thing like the California Angels

Things got serious as much time was spent

I said 'Fuck it, let's split the rent on this apartment'

Two years together quickly turned into four

The tears began to pour when I had to go on tour

Two months later, I walk back through the door

The bitch is butt naked with some nigga on my floor

DAMN, I didn't know I had a hot one

Went to my room and grabbed my shotgun (ahh chill)

I coulda, shoulda, but if I woulda

I wouldn't be here today

She tried to make me think everything could be the same

But she ran too much game on my 5\"11' frame

I coulda, shoulda, but if I woulda

You know the consequences

I coulda, shoulda, but if I woulda (just chill nigga)

That's what I hate bitches (I know you feel this)

\"If y'all niggaz can't feel me, then y'all niggaz ain't real\"

(repeat to fade)

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