Diablo en español

It's my time to...
It's my time to..

I was thinking, as a tear dropped down my cheek and landed on my shoulder,
I could convert my pain into bars, and keep it in a folder.
I'm from the slum-dog, I never had the chance, like I was thrown into the sea, and tied to a boulder.

Angels follow my heart, (it) feels hollow.
They think I'm worthless, but I deserve this.
Pain, sweat, tears, I've struggled over the years,
don't judge me for what I've done, think about what I could become.

Reach out, it's all clear.
Hold on, you're safe here.

This is the day we turn it round,
where there is love to conquer doubt

Surrender fear, don't be afraid,
we have the love to light the way.
we have the love to light the way.

Why you selling your soul tonight?
Why you wanna steal the spotlight?
If you keep your head you'll be alright. (You'll be alright)

Why you wanna take it so low?
Just to get your track on the radio?
If you believe in love you'll say no...