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[July volt ] happened
Ma azuul
[ Lito ] : you , litho men sicajo
meen broken neck
[ Polish] : that's poulaco
Hey you !
[ Cosculluela ] : Setting the record straight
Cosculluela vamo matarno
(Other words)
Pulling rabbits caps these people
Your ere one bedra
Your name is so big and disintegrates
Not that I fall ill your
Melaga your partner the bedra
You know
Not this war snoring
If you behave and you comb nailga silk enteinso
I love watching as sprayed
The ma stinky blast
The clothing was a child
I am war
So much wait and learn
They do not fear the men
And in the street eating shit
You know the prince
[July Volt ] : you you
Put hand now happened with suuu
vamo give with actituud
Nobody here has azuul blood shadow !
They want to scare buu
Although pull and make buulluu
Enredándome a chanbuu
Many I see on atauul Lanquieren
Pudila Cacara that you tuu
Who you think
Volt ma confident that defies
Then I laugh aims
You do not look at me with his face melted
Let me try the aim
Your harpy ere ta
And erase stretch marks
Mine is quickie
Dijen that follow me
I have it I blow it
And I removed the Mamias
I am hoping that is of Lambria
[ Lito ] : I do not know if they catch you or give you more rope
No pa ago as May you understand
I'm not relax
The face you pit
As an artist I command to your face ----
You 're looking for me to reveal
Dejantla ---- I --- pa
With Figo 00911915 I'm from Maruca
Pull the fince and perfocenta
With quienusd gets quiet I know
The repula inventing with me I will
More apretao as I shot more lycra pica
Envy gives you with the pringarme whose
When will the mere pa war warns
I'm with the fonfifa pricante no laughing pa
By isa man who ca
Be alert that notifies crime not
[ Vico c ] blon blon blon waiyoo blon ooooooooooo
[ Lito ] : from the vault
[ Vico c] : open you step by which mature in the minds
This potato pal grandfather handing whip
Fogoneo my letter and I have some time
I swallow metalona now time for liliqueo
That you think I remove voa me ? this
That you think I voa that crack me ? this
He thinks your not voa ride?
Well hold this bazzoka that will train
[ Eddie Dee ] I have my llenaloque I have
That if a well asepilla letter sharpener
Anyone anoints
No complex with more teeth than ever viraos
Rapper flees when I grab the book
Dijao of Fifti not llegua or peseta
Snoring if you whistle flute
But every time I go fadeth -----
[ Polish] : you yourself know that there ere no workshop
You yourself know that the bed can not ---
I already collecting in the forroneea but seminal me mama
When I wash for about the
You asked me the same as blessing
I gave you did not work when a million
Fake you Mere months macho fuc***
That what estaciendo premiering papelón
from bobolón
Where the f*** you thug shows dijei
If I gave you was carolina what is said is that
Loque is trenemdo mouse usd
What this board will be at home
[ Tego Calderon] : hey this life colleague
No fal your pollega
Kicks you poor f*** strives quel
Although I throw with what they have to
I'll live with who hears sale
although I pull ute to what has
And that is caught pa falafel entertain you hear
Although ute pull me to what has
I'll come viver who hears
Although ute pull me to what has
And you take the Pola pa that entertain
Mama bug
Pa to be entertained breast bug
Do not mess with mama migo bug
[ Syko El Terror ] : if I knew how long
I waited for this moment
To become famous and look at him
I supposed that I stay Callao
Fearing a booby estose to face
I come from where few doors open and close many
For fear of fear singers compete
I have a book where life surprise says
Where it says that the way llegua full of sorrows
What if a bullet would be a Granada
If I am the revolution Che Guevara would be the
If serious composer tutilara
Then everyone by acting as if the need

I am the same ( which your brand or flow)
I am the same that makes your letter sounds rather ridiculous
The same (the same) and Ready let you know it
I am dry tecto makes the film breaks into a ( x2 )
( That if you put yourself gets you ) from the vault ( if you put yourself gets you )
Vico C: On the chest hole which makes it an Aramaic bundled up with mud
I do not leave me any
As is the bacúno
Appear broken in the yagrumo
Daddy this is really
The street is peeling
Dale kill mice if a school door
Ando school
And I know I'm not invincible
But I 'll take 2 or 3 before I
I stand firm
And Ready pa ' fight
And then comes the bear and he goes diarrhea
Ra quickly in hand
And I 'm on my fal pa ' worms
As my brother says that spills into a swamp
Then I celebrate with all the whores in an airplane
Siko '' The Terror '': Crazy mix well
Vico C: hahaha
Oh shit oh shit
Wai yoooooooooo
Vento activated on July 24
Lito : lito men sicajo
Meeen breaks neck
Polish : that's poulaco
Hey you !
Cosculluela : leaving things clear
Cosculluela vamo to kill
Vico C : it's flow into the house who knows pa
Oh shit! oh shit!
Eddie dee : this is i and
Lito : and do not forget the t
Eddie dee : b i c
Lito : and do not forget the c
From the blue you know your
Representing this is what gotel perreo


Armagedon (english lyrics)


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