Curri C

Letra de la canción

Round 1! (one)

BEGINS! MCs Eneyser going to hunt on the wing,
My next film will leave your hard on the floor (creating it)
It's in the oven, it looks forward environment,
As the chief of porn I melt the ice.
Normal comfort than seats,
Catch you crazy, you do not want to rap, you're just clutter,
F*** you speak of MCs as a motorcycle,
And Flipart,
I'm coming for you, you smell like death.

[Curri C]
With the CIA appears Curri C
and seems to grow and be a place deserve the
on your CD and not close largemouth cease And you know what?
make both open my cache.
I have nothing to envy to the great,
because I'm big, you know this comes out,
you only know to criticize those who stresses
and it hurts to be a want and I can not at this strength.

[The Port]
No one can but I can prove it in competitive,
if this is not rap, you're a fool another heap,
before I adored and now criticize me,
deep down they are only repressed fans who need me.
I am a titan in this scene,
I take hip-hop in his veins,
you feel sorry
I play with fire and not burn me,
I see more ...
thinking of my MC turbo
Porta, rap brings silence the personal portal
And especially to you

I'm the rainbow in your day gray
The truth that dare not say,
That sweet that you love to share,
The sound that you hear your favorite.

Round 2 (two)

Open your eyes, look into the sky,
clouds depart
open land
Notes heat and flames coming up
can not see me but I feel
and I make you sweat,
think you are good but I do listen and you doubt
SANTA! I came screaming invite sin
SANTA! A cause you want them to talk
SANTA! So I shit on the false morality
I f*** the Virgin on its website through the eye

If you ride the movie
if you come with your unique way so ridiculous
your teeth will move, I'll strangle
to burst the jugular
I will be fatal, in my particular joint, jaw
Rappers pick fights,
want to come as,
your shit stinks and tide,
my rap flow on walks, it is often the case (yeahhh)
if you want to see the tremendous rate, they see it works well

[Curri C]
You my ego, I rise and see them all below,
Not only do I believe that flying is what I do,
bring it back and your neck up and down,
put my stamp on your stereo, it's my job.
Shortcut the path to success,
attacked you and impact you as an army,
highlight and tight you into oblivion
if I follow up will depend on my style.

I'm the rainbow in your day gray
The truth that dare not say,
That sweet that you love to share,
The sound that you hear your favorite.

Round 3 (three)

Your ex is no exception, is another FOX,
You think everything you see, and this is no joke,
Let us eat it!
I am a human villain,
our voice and flow is conductive like magnets.
I'm great ... how the giants, everyone is going,
to know everything and are just brats with a plan ...
ra pa ... f*** the envy of everyone
I hate being famous, but I hate you for being a capricious

When everything was dark, appeared with a lighter,
my elegy was first publicly eggs,
Rebellion sow!
I planted a precedent,
and paved the way to anyone who like me was different.
I do sound this orchestra, I will be strong,
tibiazo strong as in the teeth,
the most complete, the abuser,
as YTD in Street Fighter,
Rap instrumental is production and I singing.

You'll know that the cemetery is filled with brave,
my style is superior, but not according to your criterion,
climbs into the ring, boy there I am waiting,
My rap is acrobatic and Rey Mysterio
Each song, each time, I served as a showcase,
touching the sky to give you a lesson,
I leave you with no option, you jerks into action,
Rather than explain it to me when put the nike song.

I'm the rainbow in your day gray
The truth that dare not say,
That sweet that you love to share,
The sound that you hear your favorite.

Round 4 (four)

[Curri C]
If you look, MCs imitate me and pretend to be my simile
My silence in their attempts always fail and shouting, CHILDREN
It is more than what you see and know not even half of one third of what you think
I assume to be a star?, Defíneme your wake,
"Notable among many?, Defíneme your rank,
How do you leave few traces?, Defíneme your sole,
Think you can do better? Let me doubt ...

I go again, the game play, and do not read, just flowed,
I think we are scared and you're not faithful to thee,
between you and me no resemblance okay? (ok)
I'm just me and I'm not what I'm B-Boy, come dale duro,
Structure and surreptitiously, I open a gap to drive as hard cell
no respect, but demand respect, I play with immature verses
In this rap
There is no freedom
So there are no more command you to take in the ass

Only this time you could come with me to hell
then bring sin, also the wit, to convince
entered my realm of control and truths that are so afraid,
of days and nights and afternoons longing, light and shadows,
gives eternal heat of fire movies ...

I put the question, wetting your twat with this sound,
fill your ears, but I warn you, do not go to ready,
do not f*** with me, that I was playing and if I have game
because of my ashes have emerged again, a bit more clever,
with more experience, I bring the strength of the fallen tree ...


I'm the rainbow in your day gray
The truth that dare not say
That sweet love you share
The sound that you hear your favorite

If you still hear my song,
Find me on the web or on television,
I can imagine as your expression,
While you hear this and you masturbate lying in your room

Letra añadida por: Ron*AL*dinho (#2)

Curri C
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