Independiente - Te Quiero

Te Quiero
en inglés

Ricardo Arjona


Te Quiero Letra

Now I can keep holding both, the infamous Grandma
and your old man is a mess, your mother
French food and hunger instead I'm sad,
I can no longer really am fed up,
kiss or caress
home is harder than childbirth,
economy and no longer supports my many bribes
for your idiot brother,
and your aunt that boasts pure
does nothing but teach giñarme legs and eye.

Your house is bedlam,
and you too little to go there other
and come live with me (2x).
Your house is bedlam.

Your dog does not leave me alone for a while,
in full family reunion makes love to my shoe,
and arañasos on my back are because of your damn cat
why I came to my house
and I'd rather miss you set foot in yours.

Your house is madhouse, and you too a little,
to continue there and come live with me (2x).
Your house is bedlam.

knocked my door yesterday and was you with your suitcase,
under his arm and an old French recipe book
and hugged you while I realized that the same story was repeated,
Now on my sidewalk.