Natalia Jiménez

I'll do what it takes - Letra

Natalia Jiménez

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I don't want you to hide me any longer
Every day that goes by makes me stronger
But what you give me won't cure every hunger
I will carry your cross on my shoulder
And though you say her arms are getting colder
I'm still expecting to hear that you told her

I'm beginning to see I'll always be the other one
Waiting around for someone
A shadow is all I'll ever be

I'll do what it takes
To be the only one you make love to
I'll do what it takes
For you to realize she can't love you
I'll do what it takes
I'll sell my soul if I can live besides you
I'll do what it takes
I'll do what it takes

I swallowed my pride
Never asked for
You to choose the one
You think you want more
Just leave it for
When you walk through my front door


I'll do what it takes

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