Tyrone went to hell to speak with the devil
and that is why at this time I strike up.
Eleven fifty seven we go overboard
you are the disk Tyrone corduroy tour that never fails.

Which serves those who speak the truth without falling to Coba
next touch so pending St. Christopher
I will cause wounds explicit lyrics
and remember that after St. Christopher will Injury

I said demon pal says St. Kitts
and last Sunday was in San Antonio
with looks that concert featuring pande
and that is why corduroy everything I say is true if.

What you say it is true
handsome in this truth always throwing the rest
with pande making hip hop really burns
quitense cowards, Depart coming in can
Volcano right from the fifth dan.
As that message that I spend these days apache
to the still hiding freestyle
good demo but I fear that talk
every time they drop me a beat as I burn.

I burned to panita as I always rhyme
and out there are saying that the dog goes to Latin rap fest two
tell me your passing hear my voice
pa you see that the right and back corduroy.

But then you return pa cousin Latin rap
making a powerful flow as I call canine
a murderer, in this domain of the beat
every word I do not think, but the combine.

I combine and I told you so,
here kpu, Gerardo and culture also looks mc
I tell you again listen
You listend you out there to me while we were watching the DVD.

I saw the dvd corduroy tell you that if,
I turned grew, people were there too ji
hot, you get it understand? Outstanding
I canserbero with this pair of demented culture understand?

Hey I have here looks like a mud face,
I tripod five hundred viewers in that truck freestyle
you had tripeando on the highway,
you were not humble crude were throwing both artist

Both artist, that was just a prank,
we recorded at twelve and went up to the one,
I thought I would have no reproductions
and when I realized hundreds of thousands were the sum.

The short, short, rough corduroy is talent,
I tripod that was recording the element Friend
living there in use,
corduroy and I congratulate you on that freestyle was okey.

It was okay, I did not know it would be so successful,
It is true, I recorded element that also goes for Mexico,
mejico is true school hip hop
where we will be representing the flag of Venezuela

Venezuela that is a national talent
Venezuela that is grossly outsized
Venezuela and Natural Prendelo
the program is finished and the hymn was born .. hey you


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