El secuestro de Santatroz english lyrics

El extraño mundo de Jack

Letra de la canción

Catch ? Holy Dread ?

-I want to do !
-Me too!

- Jack told us all together
- Let the three
Dead - Club
-To the death!

la la la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la ..

Catch Santa Dread ,
do not let go
The fished and then
Send it to sleep ...

- There are first put
The trap which must fit
When you come snooping
I'll pull the fenceis going to fall!

- I know I have a better
to catch the bearded ,
why not cook well
with butter, salt and lemon.

And then Santa Dread
We will bury
Down there will not
Much to talk about ...

- After Oogie Boogie and ...
will take care of the rest ...
seeing as the red -bellied
because it will roast coal
Siiii !

- I propose to use guns
Target them well so
With three good guns
Holy Dread breaks into a thousand

- Do not be silly if it breaks
to pieces at once
and lose a few
Jack will kill us all three!

- Catch Santa Dread ,
Throw the sack,
Throw it into the ocean as
You can not float
because that Oogie Boogie
is as bad there ,
if I get to come up ,
And try to escape! ...

- What a great surprise is going to have
Seeing the sombrero that
- May make us eat
Tarantulas honeymmm ! ...

We are his minions
We try to help
we want to please
if you can not get us wrong.

- Why so silly are the two ?
- I 'm not stupid .
- What about you ?
-Shut up!
-Shut up .
- I can think of something else,
Great idea , I know .
In becoming a Gift
A little message for him
And within the housing as
The three we hide and
- After the big opening at the end
We will give you a frightYeah !

- Catch Santa Dread ,
Rub it with honey,
Bring the bees and
They bite well ...

- Catch Santa Dread .
do polvorón
After Oogie Boogie
Come to paunchy

- Catch Santa Dread
We will once
Put him in a cage and
I hang upside down ...

Hahahahahaha ...
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Animekira (#4.675)

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El extraño mundo de Jack

El extraño mundo de Jack

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