Letra de la canción

I asked for a spark and you gave me the sun
But it wasn't enough to burn my body away
I needed more, like I need it more, paralyze me

This fever pitch, persistent itch
This crash and burn my body away
My little world I ask for more of this
Thickness in my throat

I've awakened to the thought of losing you
I've been beautifully stung and pitifully used
I've stolen the apple but its just as sweet
I've distorted every breath you breath

I will return here, left to myself
So many things I easily do the moment
I can do them at all
So many times I close my eyes,
So often blind, born blind

I've awakened to the sight of something new
I've been pitifully stung and beautifully used
I've been reading again with my fingertips
I've been carried away, nothings as liquid as this

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