Flesh Wound ..nanovivid


Letra de la canción

I only see it when i'm up
that this down is what i need sometimes
it's only here that i realize
i can't do it by myself
when i take a step back
i gotta reach through the air again
i know i'm gonna find you there again
pulling on the ground tearing me down
i fall down,
i fall down,
and when i fall down
i see the dust i come from
i fall down,
and when i fall down
i really fall
Everyday i'm kissing clay
i'm standing up before i'm even ready
if this is what it takes to end up pretty
i wanna do it again and again
Come spend your time tearing me down
pull on the ground until i'm found
to be what you see
and you wish for me to be
so you can do what you realize
is right in your own eyes
i'm flat on my face i can't e'en erase
what's taken my place
but you can and you will when i'm still
and just know...
and just know...

fuente: musica.com

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