One Day In Your Life de Anastacia

One Day In Your Life Letra


'One Day In Your Life' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Freak of Nature.


'One Day In Your Life'

I know, that's just it goes
And you ain't right, for sure
You turned your back on love
For the last time
It won't take much longer now
Time makes me stronger, way
There's nothing more to say

One day in your life
Said love would remind you
How could you leave it all behind
One day in your life
It's gonna find you
With the tears that left me cry
And baby I'm stronger then before
You gotta lay it on the line
Maybe one day in your life

My love
Did you think I'd break down and cry
This thing we had
It mean the world to me
Guess I wouldn't lie
It won't take much longer now
See time makes me stronger way
And I know you'll be coming 'round some day


You called me in the midnight hour
With your velvet lies
So many sleepless nights, I wonder
Is it time to say goodbye?
Oh yeah


One day!


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