Out Of Eden

Letra de la canción

Come and take my hand

I'm lookin for a answer
Someone to heal my pain
I'm lookin' for a answer
To look and feel no shame
So in my desperation it seems I've been deceived
The tempting hand of pleasure
Has made a fool of me

An invitation is written in my name
A little voice inside I cannot explain
His invitation rising up from my heart oh
I don't know what on earth you could be waiting for

Come and take my hand
Come and take my hand
To the promise land
To the promise land
He will understand
He will understand
Come and take my hand
Oh come go with me

Ooh my nights have seen the glory of the coming of the lord
I dreamed I see him before me in a vision I adore
My nights have seen the glory
And he took me as I was
He said come with me my child
and taste the great love


Out Of Eden
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