I'm kinda dirty, I'm dirtier than hella dirty
[?] no bitch, then f*** you

Yeah, never drinking soda; what the f*** is that shit?
Stop eating donuts; y'all need to grow up
So what? y'all ain't gotta listen, pissing corn syrup (yeah)
Addicted to cancer like there's some type of cure for it
Fiend for nicotine, chemotherapy; please
By all means, we all fiends; you can't get off the coffee
Never eating candy but I will smoke a sweetie
That's a chewy; that's a grinny and I used to smoke a bidi
And graffiti breathing in the fumes
Vegans don't eat mushrooms cause they breathe too
Ain't nothing new about eating shrooms and fuc*** sluts
In hotels with toenails that stick out of the hotel room
Swine[?] juice; college rausy[?] damped is the carpet
Sunny del chick on top of the dick won't quit
Full of e pills; r.d. kills
We ain't trippin' (*belch*)
Four hours of sleep and still ain't trippin'

No cure for sugar
No cure for cancer
No cure for aids unless you got mad paper

This song is for the girls kissing girls
Little children drinking liquor til they (h)url
Inhale; exhale
White women getting black dick
And getting called a fuc*** sell-out
By a black chick who's sexually active
Still calling Asians "orientals" (what?)
Broke brothers up in Mr. Bling Bling's paying for dentals
Splitting swisher sweets open; looking for fame
Brainwashed by the t.v.; it's time to get paid
I can feel 'em, I live in Lakeview
Where everybody's out to get ya
Bullets don't have smiles when they hit ya
Bullets don't have brains, bullets don't have names
Bullets don't get the blame, you're the one who took aim
And you're mad
Cause I didn't go with you to your abortion appointment
Freak, it wasn't my baby anyway who died young
Didn't get a chance to say "moms"
Cause you knew that the see-mon didn't belong to z-mon
Christmas tree, dissing me cause I went r.d
And a young fresh cock that got H.I.V
You dying slow, begging that i go to hell
But why bother?
You the one who had sex with your gay father
We share the same bloodline and STD's
Love is a disease, how could we do these things?

No cure for sugar
No cure for cancer
No cure for aids unless you got mad paper

(I'm a dope fiend, look at my-)
Ha ha ha ha haa!
Aw you know, stroke getting
Surprise me all the time brother

Yo the free base mack is back; the coke leader in fact
I'm in the house like a roach egg about to hatch
The rap trap breaking the bone; nose on a cat
Who wanted the cheese but lactose intolerant
Smack you; swallow your teeth
And they had to fire me for
Spitting Pepsi in the face of Bill O'Reilly
Wettin' 'em up and bootleggin', six hundred sold
Sometimes I'm eighteen or even twenty years old
But right now, I'm twenty-three going on twenty-two (yeah)
'bout to roll up some red dust and blow it at you
But before I do I spill out
I seen eyes brew all over the turf
R.I.P. go out the crew
Nut the rebel the ghetto stay glued to my brain
So when I'm spitting something savage
You can see what I'm saying I start burning

(things change in the turf fool
All my thugs getting smoked
All my partners are they dog food)

You ready really?

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