This the California that you don't yet know
Once you get a grasp on it, you won't let go
There's more than you have seen
On television screens
And these the things that make us so West Coast

I'm so L.A
In ways y'all ain't even know L.A
DIS4, Venice Shore all day
But KDubb kept me cool with the OFA's
Lower Ladera was my home base
Where the light-skinned, middle class Black folk stay
Only 10 minutes away from Leimert Park
Where Crenshaw cultivated culture and art
Proud brown Bohemes were my role-models
So I took the word of Watts Prophets out to Chicago
But I'm L.A. all day, with 'nuff bravado
Avocado tilapia tacos in a Murcielago


Yeah, Cali got surfer bitches
Blonde babes in bikinis
Up and down the beaches
But whatchu know about Armenians
Fine ass Glendale Gallerinians
Look it up, get your Wikipedi in
See me in Zankou, Garlic sauce on my chickian
But what about the Mexicans that listen to The Smiths
Oldies is cool but Rockabilly is how they dress
Here in California Art Laboe is still the lik
I dedicate this song with all my corazon and shit
When I'm up in Humboldt I ain't trying to smoke
Blueberry donuts to the neck from Don's loc


Like the Bay Area, diverse and innovative
I'm a free-thinker, real San Francisco native
You from the East Coast, Midwest, or Dirty South
Moving out West to get away 'cause you been dreaming about
Changing your life? Right here in the city with me
Come and see me in The Tenderloin
Where it's cultural, gritty, grimy - Find me eating
Vietnamese, puffing trees in the streets right in front of police
If you a native we knowin
Knowin Fijians, Indians, Samoans
Orange and Black, far up the Pacific Ocean in fact
The population's growin' and growin' and growin' and growin'
Like a Redwood or Sequoia, you know what I'm talkin'bout mane?
You need to come out here, mane, know what I'm talkin'bout...


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