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Roberto Carlos

'Amiga' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Roberto Carlos 1982.


Amiga (en español)

My friend, forgive me if I meddle in your life
But I feel that you’re so lost
Without remembering that everything ended

My friend, the curtain that closes the final act came down
You don’t accept that the story has ended
There’s nothing left of all that

And the man you’re desperate for and whom you call
He who you always look for in your bed
Forgot about you a long time ago

Forget, get back into your life urgently
Time goes by and one day suddenly
You find yourself crying for the time that passed

My friend, thank you for suffering with me
I try to see myself free but I can’t do it
He was so many things to me

I sometimes think so much about it that I forget
That some day I’ll lose your feelings
For not accepting that the dream ended

If I lose my youth in this attempt
In waters of this sobbing, forgive me
If I keep your advice without hearing it

My friend, you’re the one I most love and need
The air that I lack and can’t breathe
Drowning in silence if you’re not here

My friend, if you want to unload, count on me
And if you want to cry, I’ll cry with you
A friend for everything, I’m here

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Roberto Carlos

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