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The Story Letra

Zee Avi


The Story (Letra/Lyrics)

Broken dreams, broken dreams
Hoping someday you'll see me
Sky is gray, sky is gray
But I dancing in the rain
Live this way, live this way
Will you remember my name?
Live a lie, live a lie
Why don't you ask yourself why...

Don't you open your eyes?

Only the moon, only the moon
Only the moon will hear my plea
Only the creatures of the night
Will harmonize with me
Missed you so, missed you so
And I wondered if you know
The wind has blown me in the corner
And it's hard to let go

That's the story...
That's the story of you and me

Datos de esta canción

THE STORY es una canción de Zee Avi del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Zee Avi. Agradecemos a RickRack por haber sudido la letra de The Story.