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Fuck Clout



Fuck Clout
Your man's probably ploughing on you now
I got niggas trying to hit my bitch
But some of those niggas be in my clique
Don't know what to think
That's how it goes when you king
I don't ever think I'm gonna give a diamond ring
To a girl, I don't think she deserve it
I don't flick my wrist but I'll look good in person
You all ain't not there but don't call that not working
That girl take your heart and then say you deserve it
Then they don't care when you move get to swerving
But soon as you back another they start purping
Back in mentions girl I know you lurking
Back in mentions girl I know you lurking

Please don't tell me that you hurting
You ain't think about me when you did the dirty
Why don't you give me everything you owe me
My gang got my back they all one of my homies
That's I call them niggas they by brodies
I chill with them
Make some music
Sip a 40
Some niggas they lie and act like they don't know me
I shut them down I can't let them in my zone, B
I can't let them in my zone