Kid Rock

'Celebrate' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Rebel Soul .


Everlasting things that most can't see
Fads and fashion never meant that much to me
Isn't worth asking girl we could have it all
Shotgun blasting having ourselves a ball

I know it's late but your daddy's not done yet
So let's rock this spot till the sunset

I want to celebrate
Rock, rock the whole night away
Hey we going to celebrate yeah, yeah, yeah

Show me your bad side girl let's funk around
Move to the inside now baby let me break it down
It's that feeling that just can't be denied
And I been pheening that little tight uhmp and big blue eyes

I want to celebrate
Baby, no it can't wait
Hey we going to celebrate yeah, yeah, yeah

Momma's in the kitchen cooking crawfish pie
Daddy's by the river watching fish swim by

I want to celebrate yeah, yeah, yeah

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