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Cocaine and Gin - Letra

Kid Rock

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'Cocaine and Gin' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Rebel Soul .


Well she's the match that I hold in my fingers
And I'm letting it burn to the nail
And I know it's a pain that'll linger
It's a woman like that sends a good man to jail

And now the cocaine and gin's got me spinning
Left in the old lost and found
If sorrow's a game then I'm winning
Won't you please, set my feet on the ground

So I sat and I thought for a long time
Praying on what I might do
God you never did give me the answer
And I can't stand the thought of another with you

Thank you for everything momma
For trying to raise me up well
And I'm sorry I did what I had to do
It's a woman like that sends a good man to hell


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