Disco '100 Words and Running' (2010) al que pertenece la canción 'Hell Yeah'


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Woke up, time to grab my phone book
Gotta call my boy but my head feels like it hit a tow truck
So what? Living life in the fast lane tore up!
Tryna eat my toast but I had so many drinks I'm throwing up Hit the school with fo' of us, one rollin' up that doja
Then we open doors up, smoke coming out the Rova
Always celebrities, man everybody knows us
Teacher ask why I smell like smoke? Bitch cause we just toked up!
I don't give a fuck, cooler than seven below bruh
Anaconda dick, Chuck Taylor toes keeping my nose up
Gonna keep our hopes up, on the block where they keep that holster
Where we live like every day's the thirty-first of October

From the block to the burbs
From my spot to the curb
Got the drink, where's the herb?
All my bitches whats the word?
Take this fifth to the face
Party life, here's a taste
My professor's in the place, even that motherfucker say "hell yeah"

Yeah! We drunk as fuck and don't care so hell yeah (Hell yeah)
Throw them bottles in the air so hell yeah (Yeah)
We high as fuck and don't care like hell yeah (Hell yeah)
Throw them burners in the air so hell yeah (Yeah)
We drunk as fuck and don't care so hell yeah (Hell yeah)
Throw them bottles in the air so hell yeah (Yeah)
We high as fuck and don't care so hell Yeah (Hell yeah)
Cuz MGK up in here so Hell Yeah

Uh, schools out just got my report card
All D's, I ran it over with my sports car
Then my pops called, wanna know if I got my grades
I'm like "c'mon dad, you know your boy got all A's"
So I gotta go, manager calling my phone, I guess it's showtime
Three cars deep, full of hoes that we met online
Brought the house down, blog and saying that "Kell's shit"
Facebook and Twitter updates, ring Kells bitch!

Hotel room, penthouse at the party where they smoking fluid
Top it off with the top floor, full of women laying with their tops off in the jacuzzi
Living life like a movie
We ain't got a Pina Colada, so we spike a smoothie
Party hard, cops ain't knocking, they on duty


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